Trio application

TRIO Application

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Personal Information

All SC4 ID numbers start with a “0”
A preferred or nickname name cannot:
  • misrepresent a person’s identity and/or misappropriate the identity of another person or organization;
  • be used in attempt to avoid a legal obligation;
  • be used if its appearance on college records would be harmful to the reputation or interests of the college;
  • be derogatory, obscene, convey an offensive message, or be otherwise inappropriate.
For example 01/01/2001


Participation Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Attend at least one (1) Success Seminar each semester
  • Attend at least one (1) Cultural Event or Campus Visit per academic year
  • Meet with TRIO Advisor once per month or more as requested

College attendance

Background information

Financial Aid Information